You may not think of yourself as a Guru.behind-the-guru

We love that about you.  Humility is a great thing.

But if you’re a thought leader, teacher, trainer, speaker, author or coach, you can have that unexpected “guru experience” – like you’re out in front, all alone, trying to make this thing work.


We know you need a place to call your own haven, a place where you’re taken care of and someone is thinking about what you need.


We’ve created Behind the Guru just for you, so that you can build a successful business that delivers your blessings to the world. We help you answer the deep questions like:

  • How do I do this “business thing” behind the beautiful teachings that I deliver?
  • How do I take care of myself in this crazy world called entrepreneurship?
  • How do I balance the requirements of my own self-development or personal practice with the needs of my business?
  • How do I make this path of teaching, training, speaking, coaching actually profitable for me and for the people that work with me?

And then we put those answers into action to produce results.


Here at, We’re all about creating systems, structures, tools, and processes that take care of you and help you run the business side of your business.

We’re also here to share fun, helpful, healing and thoughtful insights, tips, and tricks about how to be an entrepreneur and still take care of yourself and your spiritual side, and how to respect the needs of your personal path and balance those with the needs of your business.


We’re here to take care of you and if we can be of service, please let us know.



Who is Suzanne Tipton Offner?


Suzanne has a grace about her that makes her “real.” What she shares makes a difference in everyone around her. I can not help being inspired even when it requires looking at my self in a way I never have or perhaps never wanted too! Sometimes we all need a little nudge, you do it without force!  ~ Louis W. Atlantic Beach, FL


Suzanne-Tipton-OffnerSuzanne has had a blessed and amazing path that led her to this beautiful place where she thrives Helping people find and hone their gifts and build them into business systems that work for them.


As a Certified Online Business Manager, Certified Master Coach and inspiring speaker who’s traveled many stages, Suzanne knows the ins and outs of the Virtual Business world and stays connected to the fluid and ever-changing reality that is online business.


Her work in corporate training and IT sales gave her a firm understanding of the power of technology and how to produce results. Fifteen years experience in creating systems and delivering results in the world of small business, as well as managing a 6-figure business gave her irreplaceable training in the fundamentals that make a business work.


Her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy taught her to navigate the complex ways in which an individual can impact the larger system and how the system impacts the individual. This helps her create business structures that reflect the unique needs of each entrepreneur. It also gave her a professional background in helping entrepreneurs with the many relationship  and interpersonal aspects that can deeply impact business success.


She’s studied personal development, personal evolution and spirituality  in a variety of settings. It is her faith and a rock-solid belief that humans can grow and change that has gotten her past some of the rockier parts of life with her sanity and optimism (mostly!) intact. And of course it is those rocky times that gave her the compassion and perspective to understand the huge challenges that people face when building a business, especially one based on their gifts and passion.


It also gave her the tools and experience she needs to see each client as a whole package: body, mind & soul, and work with the varied personal and life issues that impact micropreneurs.


Her most important goal is to help you create a successful & profitable business you love that fits your lifestyle, gifts, passion and purpose.



What Are People Saying About Working With Suzanne?

Surpassed My Goal by $3,000...

I managed to surpass my monthly goal by three thousand dollars. It’s a great feeling when your life is working… I would like to thank you, Suzanne for being an awesome coach and helping me to understand that life is a beautiful thing. ~ Rint Gaskin, Winter Park, FL

If You Want Results...

When I hired Suzanne I was at 76% of sales pace, and struggling. Within 10 weeks I was at 100% of sales pace. Best of all, I did this with fun and ease. If you want results, and are committed to having more for yourself, I highly recommend you hire Suzanne. ~ Kye Bounds, St Louis, MO

Having Someone to Talk To Is Invaluable...

I think you’re awesome. I’ve been doing this effort all on my own, and having someone to work with on my business instead of doing it all on my own was invaluable. I needed someone to help me get out my vision – I’ve done this work in other contexts but I think you’re the only person that didn’t just take it and lump it into what they’ve heard before. I felt like you heard me and you heard the subtle different nuances of it and that was very helpful.  I’m definitely sharing you with anyone and everyone that needs help. ~ Pam Smith, Atlanta, GA

Organized, Professional & Fun!...

Suzanne is one of the most organized, professional, and knowledgeable people I’ve worked with in a long time. She brings the highest degree of integrity to any job, and remains fun and spirited throughout the project. ~ Ann Brown, Cleveland, OH

You're In My Gratitude Journal...

Just a quick note to tell you that you are regularly in my gratitude journal.  I SO appreciate all of what you do for me on a regular basis. THANK YOU!!! ~ Chase Bossart, San Francisco, CA


Who is Samantha Blount?


Samantha began by writing blog posts for us, and in time grew to managing most of our entire social media including writing product releases, Amazon descriptions and information pages on our websites.  She has become an integral part of our marketing program.  ~ Steve Davidson, Versalift Systems/Cynergy Corporation


Samantha Blount HeadshotI’ve had the opportunity to work in many areas from patient care in nursing homes to being an Operations Assistant and Team Manager, and I’ve learned something important from each of them.


At 15, I worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant and soon managed the Alzheimer’s unit within the facility. This was a great opportunity to learn how to personalize interaction in any given situation and how to creativly come up with solutions.


After 5 years in that field, I decided to do what I really loved, writing and creating solutions for teams to help businesses be more productive. I’ve worked for a myriad of small businesses starting with copywriting gigs where I learned to hone in on my love for writing & capture an audience with just a few words.


I’ve taken online courses and seminars in Facebook advertising and adding products to Amazon. In either system, you can have all the pictures you want, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get much traffic. It all stems back to being creative, knowing the rules of each medium,  and knowing how to capture your audience with words.


I’ve worked my way up to Project Management and Team Management, where I’ve achieved some of my proudest moments – helping the team meet super-challenging project deadlines with high-quality results. And even more important, handling projects so they’re complete BEFORE the deadline and without stress or chaos. Priceless!


It’s not always easy to talk to other people or to understand what team members need to be successful, and that’s exactly what I love to do. Listening, understanding and making you and your team successful. It requires bringing people together in some unique ways because not everyone is the same.


Through it all, I produce results because I stick to my core values:

  • If I’m not early, I’m late! (That’s for meetings & project deadlines!)
  • Be real, be honest, and deal with “what’s so”, even if it’s tough
  • Listen & understand first, then talk
  • Give my all to my team and clients
  • Make sure that every step is taken to ensure a wonderful result no matter what surprises come forward


It’s been an amazing journey along the way. These days I’m focused on providing excellent Project Management and Team Management. I work with online business owners and their teams that need a sharp-eyed person to watch all the moving parts and ensure that time-sensitive business tasks happen when they should. I also love consulting on Facebook pages, especially encouraging organic growth and the timely use of Facebook Ads.


I look forward to the next challenges, and helping you and your team achieve your business success!


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