Avoid OBM Frustration Syndrome!

Save Yourself Time and Money by Hiring Your Online Business Manager the Right Way


Online Business Manager (OBM) Frustration Syndrome happens to busy, stressed-out entrepreneurs like you when you are hiring your first Online Business Manager – and you realize what a frustrating process it can be.


You need to hire someone, but you’re too overwhelmed to spend the time, effort and energy it takes to figure out the ins-and-outs of hiring the right person for your business.


So you can end up hiring the wrong person for the wrong reasons:

    • You hire people you like vs. hiring the right personality for your business needs.

    • You try to get friends, assistants, or people you know to step in as manager – people who aren’t ready to shoulder the responsibility.

    • You’re often unclear whether it’s really time for a manager or if you’d be better off hiring an assistant or contractor.


  • You hire an experienced manager but you have mismatched expectations about what managers can (and should) do.

  • You are excited to bring in someone to tackle new projects and new frontiers without having the necessary systems in place for those new ideas to succeed and flourish.


You end up frustrated and feeling like you wasted more time, energy and money on something that didn’t produce the desired results. And I promise you those awesome online business managers are just as frustrated. They’re trying to do their best but they have not been set up to succeed. And it’s so sad, because it doesn’t have to be this way.


How do I make the transition successfully?

“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation, there is sure to be failure.”
~ Confucius


The answer is surprisingly simple. The person that you want as your long-term Online Business Manager is often not the same person that helps you get READY for the long-term manager.

They are two fundamentally different jobs, and require two different kinds of people.


When hiring your Online Business Manager, the first one you hire needs to be a Jumpstarter – someone who can help you figure out what YOU need, and walk you through the process of setting up the systems and structures that will make your long-term manager succeed.


A Jumpstarter can also help you shift your mindset and habits so that you can be the effective leader and business owner the manager needs.

Hiring an Online Business Manager is easier with Behind the Guru

A Jumpstarter :

  • Is comfortable with chaos and thrives on creating order.

  • Is savvy enough to help you pick the right systems for you and alter them to fit your unique way of operating.
  • Provides leadership and experience to walk you through the transition successfully.
  • Knows how to help you pick the right people for your situation.
  • Is a great coach who can walk you through the mindset shifts you need to succeed.

That’s why we’ve created the Jumpstart OBM Hiring Program
a structured, systematized process to help you skip over OBM Frustration Syndrome altogether! We are Jumpstarters by nature – we help you figure out what you need and walk you through the process of getting it. We can also help you get your business systems cleaned up and ready to go. But more than any of those, we’ll help you step into being the Business Leader, and understand what it means to have a team at your side.


How Do I know I’m Ready?


  • I’m making sales, but I’m overwhelmed trying to keep up with everything.
  • I have one or two team members already, or I’ve had team members in the past and I’m ready to hire again.
  • I don’t have a manager right now OR I’ve hired one but it wasn’t a success.
  • I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for in a manager and I would like a partner to help me make this transition.
  • I don’t have a system in place for hiring people.
  • I’m “managing from my inbox” and know I need a more workable solution in order to grow.
  • I am stressed out during my personal time (sleep, family dinners, movies) wondering if things got handled.
  • I waste time and energy looking for files and info OR I am completely dependent on my team to find things I need (and I have to wait until they are available in order to get them.)
  • My team is decent but they need more leadership than I can give right now.
  • There are unsafe practices happening, like storing and sharing vital information (like passwords or payment info) in insecure ways (like spreadsheets, email or skype.)


What will I have when I’m done with the Jumpstart OBM Hiring Program?

It depends on how much support you want! There are four stages to the process of hiring your Online Business Manager. Stage 1 (the Deep Dive Assessment) is necessary to do any of the other stages. After that, you choose what makes sense for you:

  • After the Deep Dive Assessment I’ll know which type of manager I’m looking for and why.
  • After the Leadership Mindset & Hiring Prep I’ll be mentally and emotionally prepared to bring on a manager and support them in winning.
  • After the Team Success Structures my business will be organized and manager-ready.
  • After the Hiring Walkthrough you will have walked me through the process of hiring my OBM or Assistant, whichever is most important for my business.



Hiring Your Online Business Manager is a key step in building your team!


What are the 4 Stages in Hiring Your Online Business Manager?


Stage 1. Deep Dive Assessment

Stage 1.  Deep Dive Assessment

In this stage we do a Deep Dive Assessment of all the areas of your business. There’s a ton of value here, not the least of which is getting me immersed in your business alongside you. This helps me understand your unique way of doing things and your individual needs. We’ll also get a good snapshot of where you are and where you want to be so we can map the path from here to there. We’ll look at:


  •  Your Vision: We’ll capture your vision and get clear on what you’re trying to accomplish
  •  Current Systems Status: We’ll see what you already have in place and what’s missing.
  •  Financial Readiness: We’ll assess your current sales, budget and readiness to hire your support team.
  •  Workability Assessment: We’ll find out which areas of your business are working for you and which ones     aren’t.
  •  Mindset Management: We’ll look at your mindset, values, and attitudes to see which ones have been moving you forward and which ones are holding you back.
  •  Create a Plan: We’ll lay out a plan to span the gap between where you are and where you want to be. In the process we’ll decide if you need all the stages of the Jumpstarter program or just a select few.


You can do Stage 1 all by itself and get a LOT of value. People tell us they get great clarity and focus just by going through the Deep Dive. But if you decide you’d like more help (and we’re guessing you do or you wouldn’t be here!), there are some more options for you.

Stage 2: Leadership Mindset & Hiring Prep

Stage 2:  Leadership Mindset & Hiring Prep

Now we’re ready to prepare for the hiring process. There are choices to make at this stage, and new habits to learn.

  • We’ll clarify what kind of team member is right for you. We’ll know at this point if you need a manager, an assistant or a consultant.
  • You can choose to hire someone in the US or international team members. Both have their pro’s and con’s.
  • We’ll determine the right personality and skill level for your new addition.
  • We’ll create a Hiring Scorecard to spell out your new team member’s responsibilities, skills and attitudes. This scorecard becomes the basis for your Job Posting.
  • We’ll prep you for the pitfalls in the hiring process – it’s never a guarantee that you’ll hire the perfect person on the first attempt, but you’ll be aware of and ready for the issues you’ll encounter.
  • We’ll focus on your mindset as a leader. We’ll address anything that is holding you back from stepping out of the “doing” and into the “leading”.
  • Finally we’ll look at your leadership tools and habits, and the tactics you need to be a successful leader.

When this stage is complete, you are ready to hire successfully. The person you bring in will walk into a situation that is primed for forward movement. You will feel confident that you have the information and structures you need to make the right choices.


Stage 3. Team Success Structures

Stage 3.  Team Success Structures

In this Stage, we’ll dig in and set up the key structures and system we identified in the Deep Dive Assessment. This deceptively simple and easily overlooked stage can be the “make or break” of a business.

After all, businesses are really just systems that create profit! Without good systems, life remains painful and chaotic. With systems, you can build a larger and more stable base for success.

These structures are also the little known keys to achieving freedom and space in your business. If you want a team that can function without you – these are the structures you need to make that happen.

We’ll work from the plan created in the Deep Dive Assessment, and tailor this stage to your individual needs. Together, we’ll determine what’s most important to you that can be accomplished inside a timeframe that works. The BTG team will do most of the work in this stage, but your input, feedback, and responsiveness will determine how quickly it goes. These structures may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Team Management Software – Setting up your team management software system – this is the software that will lay your foundation for success with your long-term team members. It’s very affordable, easy to use and super powerful.
  • CRM or Email Marketing Software – If you don’t already have a client database and email system in place, we’ll set up the basic system for you.
  • Capturing Procedures – We’ll set up a system for capturing your procedures so you can build your library of how your team will do things.
  • Task Management – This goes hand in hand with Capturing Procedures. This is the art of making sure everyone knows what to do and when to do it.
  • Information Access – This is the key process to make sure any team member can get to any item they need to do their job at any time without waiting on someone else. We’ll also make sure your file systems are set up to be team-friendly.
  • Tracking Systems – Marketing, Sales & Teams all have something in common – they grow when they’re tracked. We’ll set up the most important tracking docs you need to manage your growth.
  • Basic Training – Up to 5 hours of training time for you and any team members on how to use these systems

These are the strong foundations that you can grow on. When you add more clients, programs, or team members, these systems allow you to do it without insane chaos or disruption of service.

Stage 4 - Walkthrough Hiring Process

Stage 4.  Walkthrough Hiring Process

Your systems are ready, you know what you want, you’ve got your plan in place. Now what? Let’s get hiring! This is stage where we work with you to get the right person on the right seat on your bus.


  • We’ll help you take that Job Posting created in Stage 2 (Leadership Mindset and Hiring Prep) and get it out into the online hiring sphere.
  • We’ll work with you to sort through the responses and even do the interviewing with you.
  • The final hiring choice is always yours, but we’ll be there as your sounding-board and go-to team to walk you through the process.
  • And if you’ve worked with us in Stage 3 (Team Success Structures), then we can work with you to do some of the on-boarding as part of that package. How great is that?


Of course we can’t guarantee that the first round of hiring your Online Business Manager (or other team member) will be perfect, and that you’ll never have to hire again. Oh, how we wish we could! But, like most truly worthwhile things,  team building is an ongoing, organic process – sometimes you have to sort through several people before you find the exact right person. And sometimes you get the right person immediately! Which is great. And then you’ll need to hire again as your business grows. Running a business and hiring new people are BFF’s. Always hand-in-hand!


What you will have is a great process in place for hiring your Online Business Manager (one that can be modified in the future for other team members), and we’ll be there with you as you walk through that first round of hiring. And ok, if you want us to stick around after that, we’ll work out a deal. Cuz we never want to leave you hanging!  And if you ever want a refresher or if you want to go through the same process for a brand new position, we can set up some check-in sessions to get you on track.


How Long Does This Take?


That depends on a lot of factors. Each owner (and each company) is a little different. If you are already very organized and you have the time and energy to dedicate to this process, it can be done in as little as 1-2 months. If there is more work to do setting up structures and processes, and if you need to move more slowly it can take up to 6 months. A comfortable, workable pace is to do one stage per month. After the Deep Dive Assessment phase we’ll have a very good idea of what you need and how long it will take. You may not need all the stages, or you may decide you want more time for some of the stages. The system is designed to be flexible and meet your unique needs.


What’s Not Included?


  •   Management of your current team members
  •   Software subscription costs (most system software is free or extremely cheap)
  •   Launch of new programs or products


Want to Find Out More?


Set up a time to talk with Suzanne Tipton Offner about hiring your Online Business Manager. Together we’ll figure out if the Jumpstart OBM Hiring program is a good fit for you. We look forward to helping your Jumpstart your OBM Hiring.

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