Clarity Coaching

  •  Clarity Coaching is about understanding who you are and what you do best.
  • Together, we figure out the best method for expressing your unique skills and passion in a business.
  • We also look at what style of business best suits your lifestyle, ambitions, personality and resources.
  • We create a plan to get you moving and help you start achieving results from the get-go. You’ll avoid the usual potholes, and stay focused, motivated, and accountable.
“If you want results, and are committed to having more for yourself, I highly recommend you hire Suzanne.”

~ Kye B. St Louis, MO

“You may not know this, Suzanne, but your words are with me long after each call.  Thanks for your commitment to my greatness, and to each and every one of us.”

~ Crystal N., Los Angeles CA


Business Systems Coaching

  • In this program we’ll shift your business from being a crazy-busy To-Do List into a profitable system that works with your lifestyle.
  • I’ll help you organize, automate and delegate so you’re freed up to grow your business, have more peace of mind and reduce your stress levels. No more floundering and drowning – we’ll get you focused and onto a growth path that works for you.
  • We’ll carve time out of your crazy schedule and work ON your business, not just IN your business.
  • You get an experienced sounding board to help you think through your big (and sometimes little) business decisions.
  • And we’ll figure out if it’s time for you to get some help (like an assistant!) and if so, I’ll work with you to get someone hired.
“In my long history with Suzanne, I have witnessed her exceptional ability to grasp a problem and implement viable solutions quickly. I consider Suzanne a key resource and a member of my go-to team when I need to get something done.”

~Mary Kay S. St Louis, MO

“I think you’re awesome. I’ve been doing this effort all on my own, and having someone to work with on my business instead of doing it all on my own was invaluable.”

~ Pam S. Atlanta, GA


Team Building 

  • It’s time to make that leap from Lone Ranger to Team Leader.
  • I’ll help you hire the right person at the right time for your specific needs
  • First we’ll figure out if you need an assistant, manager, or contractor.
  • Then we’ll set up the tools you need to manage your team. I can do this for you or guide you in the process.
  • We can hire in the USA or internationally – whichever is right for you.
  • And finally, I’ll help you shift your mindset from Doing to Leading.


Suzanne, I know I need help!

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