Hello Beautiful You.

I know you’ve worked tirelessly becoming great at:

  • Teaching
  • Coaching
  • Serving Your Community
  • Making A Difference

Now I want to help you turn that passion into a systematized, profitable business!

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Does this sound like you?

  • You have a calling. You’ve dedicated yourself to becoming good what you do.
  • You’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and money honing your gift and developing your service.
  • You’re making money but the business side of things has some painful speed bumps for you.
  • You’re overwhelmed, overworked, and worn out.
  • You know there are a lot of things you’re supposed to be doing for your business, but you’re confused about where to even start.


I understand.
And I know this:

The next step is to share your gifts with
more people and make a good living doing it.

Oh, and you’d really like to stay mostly sane in the process!

Not sure if you can do it?
Not sure how to do it?


You’ve already proven You can transform
And take on challenges

But you may not know the answer to this question:

How do you get your work out into the larger world And make a good living Without pulling your hair out and going crazy?


Are you in a moment of

Not Knowing?

If so,that’s actually a good place to be. Admitting to yourself that you don’t know something can be an act of great power


You can do it.


It takes some
Clarity & Personal Growth.

It takes some
Organization & Systems.

It takes a
Team who cares.

  • Not sure how to get all these pieces in place?
  • Are you stuck in one area or another?
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Successful teachers, coaches, and trainers have
all done three things:

Figured out how to make a living while fulfilling their calling

Set up systems to help them deliver their gifts

Found caring people to help them grow


Each one of these is essential.
And each one presents its own challenges.
Which one is staring you in the face right now?


You want to turn your passion into a business, but you’re not sure what that would look like. You crave CLARITY.

Even if you’re great at helping others get clear, it’s very hard to do this step for yourself. If you’re in this stage, you’re probably a budding entrepreneur – though experienced ones can end up here too.
  • You have something you love to do, but you don’t know how to make that into a profitable business
  • You feel stuck and you’re not sure how to move forward
  • You’re a bit overwhelmed by all there is to do and not sure what should be done first
How do you get clarity and focus? How do you choose the right path for you? How do you pull this vision from the depths of your soul and bring it to light?


You’re ready to Organize, Automate, and Delegate so you’re freed up to grow your business, serve more people, and make more money.

It’s time to download, organize, and systematize your brilliant ideas and create the business systems and processes to make them profitable. But the time and energy required to do this seem daunting.
  • Balls are dropping and things are falling through the cracks (or they are in imminent danger of doing so.)
  • Your days are chaotic and exhausting. You don’t know what to do next and you’re overwhelmed with keeping up
  • Systematizing and documenting things just really isn’t your bag and you wouldn’t know where to start


Systematizing is the key to long-term growth and profitability. It’s also the key to calming the chaos. But if you hate doing it and you’re super busy anyway, it can be hard to put any focus on this very important business support system.



You are moving forward! In fact, you’re moving so fast you can hardly keep up. It’s time for TEAM.

Picking your first (or second, or third) team member can be a huge challenge. Especially when you don’t even have time to look for help.
  • You know you need help but you’re not sure how to find the right person
  • You’re still doing things you should delegate because it’s easier than getting someone else to do it
  • You may still be managing your business from your (very full) inbox, even if you already have a small team.
  • You have some team members, but things aren’t getting done the way you need them to
How do you get the right people in the right seat on the bus? How do you get them focused? How do you hand over responsibility without constantly worrying that it’s being done correctly?


No matter where you are in the process…

The Good News is
There are Answers
And Help is Available



That’s what we do here at Behind the Guru.

We coach, train, and support beautiful people like you to make the leap from DOING all the work to Leading the process. It takes time and effort, but it is absolutely worth the investment to:
  • Get clarity & have a plan for moving forward
  • Have repeatable, organized systems that you can hand off to an assistant
  • Have a way to track your projects and what’s been done (and not done)
  • Build your team in a sane and workable way
  • Stop managing your business from your inbox

Can you afford…to spend another year running your business the old way?


Suzanne, I know I need help with this!

Join Our Beautiful Happy Clients

“Suzanne took my business from Zero to Breakthrough! She created processes and systems where they didn’t exist. I can honestly say she’s responsible for my business growing exponentially in the last two years.”

Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour

America’s First African American Female Combat Pilot, Inspirational Speaker and Coach


“I really appreciate you. I can see the systems and structures coming into place, I can see how they are already helping us. You’ve worked with my team to get them on board with the new processes, and you’ve been very caring and supportive to them. It’s obvious how much easier it will be in the future when we need to bring in new people – it won’t be nearly the struggle it’s been in the past. You’re helping us grow into our new level of success as a company, and serve more people in a more relaxed and organized way. Thank you!”

“Just a quick note to tell you that you are regularly in my gratitude journal. You are such a valued member of my team. You are so good at what you do. Things are moving forward and we’re achieving the goals that matter to me and my business. I’m doing cartwheels over here. Thank you!

Chase Bossart

Yoga Therapist, Founder of Yoga Well Institute


For the first time, I feel like the leader of a team. I can feel that role. The responsibilities are way different than being the one that does everything. I can guide my team into their roles in making sure things work.”

Mary McInnis Meyer

Yoga Teacher & Triathlete Trainer, Field of Yoga Project

“In my long history with Suzanne, I have witnessed her exceptional ability to grasp a problem and implement viable solutions quickly. I consider Suzanne a key resource and a member of my go–‐to team when I need to get something done.”

Mary Kay Sheets

Strategic Business Developer – rethink inc

And Thank You! For everything you do. We need people like you helping us all to be better people. I’d love to help you succeed wildly.

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